How Novel

As we have previously hinted at, #Resist was our last anthology. We’ve had a great run and gave a lot of money to charities well deserved.  However, we are turning our attention to something a bit ‘bigger’.  Ricky’s Back Yard is proud to announce that we are currently accepting full-length novel manuscripts! Got a novel? … [Read more…]

Jerry Fed the Tigers by Brooke Reynolds #amwriting #horror

Instead of a big send up, I will share with you what Jo wrote Brooke in her acceptance letter: ‘Jo here, it reminded me of a story from an old anthology we used to get in the school library. It was great to see this style enter into RBY!’.  Anything that can bring back memories … [Read more…]

The Parasite From Proto-Space by Brett Petersen #amwriting #scifi #NewYork

This one came to us for the weekly some time ago and there was something about it that wouldn’t let us put it down. I think the idea is a great one and the delivery speaks for itself. -J     The Parasite from Proto-Space “This is the story of three girls trapped in three … [Read more…]

….and the Winner Is….#Resist

It was a long and difficult contest for #Resist. We went through everything from hacks to threats to great stories and art–it was quite a roller coaster. Apparently, when I switched the title of this contest and anthology from ‘Fucked’ to ‘#Resist’ based off a Roger Waters concert, things went weird. People who we’ve never … [Read more…]

Arithomania by Tori Cárdenas #Vampire #ShortFiction #Amwriting

We received this story during the reading period for #Resist. The first page had me hooked. I love the concept and the delivery here. Tori’s work is smart with a hook. I bring you ‘Arithomania’. -Dr Jo Arithomania by Tori Cárdenas About a month ago, I talked to Ms. “Chalkboard Boobs” Smith about extra credit … [Read more…]

… But Satisfaction Brought Her Back – R.L. Adare #amwriting #furry

R.L. came via a referral from Steve ‘I’ll send you gold every time I sneeze’ Carr.  I love the first line of this story. Such a great hook! Ripple was cool. Ripple was hip…  The rest of the story follows through on the promise the first jaunt hints. We bring you, a bit in time … [Read more…]

Blossum Street – Samantha Pilecki #amwriting

This story is from a new voice for us.  Samantha (who is not an old run-down rental house) hooked me from the first line. Maybe it’s because I live in Montreal right now and the weather does indeed suck-ass every day. Maybe it was her great prose weaving in Gorgons’ hair, drum-like abs, and trampoline … [Read more…]

#LGBTQ, #WorldSuicidePreventionDay, #TrevorProject, and a free book?!

‘Cause one day isn’t enough! #LGBTQ, #WorldSuicidePreventionDay, #TrevorProject = a free book. We (me) are a bit (a lot) pro LGBTQ and very anti suicide, so starting today we (me) are holding a contest on Amazon to give away copies of our (my) Floidoip anthology.  All you have to do is tweet some random nonsense … [Read more…]