Architects by Tim DeMarco #amwriting #fiction #JerseyShore

Usually, I have to trick Jenni into reading her submissions pile. Sometimes, I would disguise a few as an email (short by my standards, as any email under 20 pages isn’t worth sending!) or an invoice, but for Architects, Jenni grabbed that one out of my hands. Something drew her to it and she slapped … [Read more…]

How Novel

As we have previously hinted at, #Resist was our last anthology. We’ve had a great run and gave a lot of money to charities well deserved.  However, we are turning our attention to something a bit ‘bigger’.  Ricky’s Back Yard is proud to announce that we are currently accepting full-length novel manuscripts! Got a novel? … [Read more…]

Jerry Fed the Tigers by Brooke Reynolds #amwriting #horror

Instead of a big send up, I will share with you what Jo wrote Brooke in her acceptance letter: ‘Jo here, it reminded me of a story from an old anthology we used to get in the school library. It was great to see this style enter into RBY!’.  Anything that can bring back memories … [Read more…]

The Parasite From Proto-Space by Brett Petersen #amwriting #scifi #NewYork

This one came to us for the weekly some time ago and there was something about it that wouldn’t let us put it down. I think the idea is a great one and the delivery speaks for itself. -J     The Parasite from Proto-Space “This is the story of three girls trapped in three … [Read more…]

….and the Winner Is….#Resist

It was a long and difficult contest for #Resist. We went through everything from hacks to threats to great stories and art–it was quite a roller coaster. Apparently, when I switched the title of this contest and anthology from ‘Fucked’ to ‘#Resist’ based off a Roger Waters concert, things went weird. People who we’ve never … [Read more…]

Arithomania by Tori Cárdenas #Vampire #ShortFiction #Amwriting

We received this story during the reading period for #Resist. The first page had me hooked. I love the concept and the delivery here. Tori’s work is smart with a hook. I bring you ‘Arithomania’. -Dr Jo Arithomania by Tori Cárdenas About a month ago, I talked to Ms. “Chalkboard Boobs” Smith about extra credit … [Read more…]

… But Satisfaction Brought Her Back – R.L. Adare #amwriting #furry

R.L. came via a referral from Steve ‘I’ll send you gold every time I sneeze’ Carr.  I love the first line of this story. Such a great hook! Ripple was cool. Ripple was hip…  The rest of the story follows through on the promise the first jaunt hints. We bring you, a bit in time … [Read more…]

Blossum Street – Samantha Pilecki #amwriting

This story is from a new voice for us.  Samantha (who is not an old run-down rental house) hooked me from the first line. Maybe it’s because I live in Montreal right now and the weather does indeed suck-ass every day. Maybe it was her great prose weaving in Gorgons’ hair, drum-like abs, and trampoline … [Read more…]