Submission Guidelines

Thank you all who submitted for the LBGTQ issue!

FLOIDOIP is now CLOSED – But feel free to Submit for the Weekly!

We are a Pushcart Prize nominating magazine that Pays people for their work. (Imagine that, eh?)

The NEW Print theme is called Floidoip. All money for that theme goes directly to an LGBTQ Teen Suicide foundation, the Trevor Project. Our rolling online issue is a weekly story/artwork that expresses the true meaning of character. It is lesser pay, but everyone who makes it into the online ‘weekly art dump’ also gets put into contention for the theme magazine (for print pay) with one story/artwork being picked per theme issue.

We want your story. We want the story of a voice trying to be quieted. This is your turn to shout, so make it count. We want Raw. We want Exposed Nerve. We want YOU!
Short story concepts
I love short story as an art form. It is the one place where I can see people really flow into something of their own. Instead of being what you are told to be, fiction allows us to explore what the world should be (and isn’t) or even that ‘What if…’ moment. Of course, we are open to more than fiction (non-fiction is just fine and I really like Creative Non-Fiction). With that said, you have a far greater chance of publishing with us with Fiction or CNF than non-fiction.

Who knew is was so difficult to get artists to submit to a magazine? That doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying, though! So, if you DO have something in your head just itching to get out, send it our way to review. Art, just like the written word, is a paid contribution.

I challenge you to make something so powerful it melts my screen–jumps out and stabs my eyes–then robs me of my womanly charms. The order of which, of course, is up for grabs. Seriously, I want to see something dazzle me. You can give us a comic panel or a ‘one off’ – as long as you can see it and deliver it, we want it.

Note on visuals: We print in Black and White; however, if you have a cool color print and really think it is right for us, we do offer a Weekly online publication for $2 Canadian. Go check out the ‘Weekly Art Dump‘ area to see what the weekly dump is about.

Deadline for this special issue is February 8th as the issue is released on Valentine’s Day! (What a fucking cool present, yeah?). Good luck to you all!

General Guideline Info:
Ricky’s Back Yard is an online magazine that features ‘4’ print specials per year. The magazine is open to graphic and verbal text entries.This means anything from flash fiction to the longer short stories (sub 12k words) are welcomed as well as the graphic short story or even ‘one off’ pages. We do not take poetry (we took it for our Vets issue only).

What we are looking for is ‘interesting’ and ‘I need to see that again’ and ‘Jesus, that gave me a nightmare…’ Please note that this is not an offer to have stories about kittens in a blender or anything. We want submissions that are strong, punk, dark, humorous, and just strange enough to be true. If you have that story that other people wouldn’t touch with a 15-foot pole then send it over! Just make sure it’s worth the email postage before doing so.

If you want to submit your story or graphic work, please use this rather cool Submittable form. We are currently in the process of moving away from emails. Emails are sooooo 2016.

Please note: We do accept simultaneous submissions if you agree to contact us ASAP if another offer is made first. Also, we do accept multiple submissions but do limit it to two unless we ask you for more.

Payment. We are offering a token payment for every accepted artist. It is only $10 Canadian, but it is a start. To be fair to ourselves, Duotrope actually lists us as Semi-Pro because we also take FLASH or MICRO fiction for the same pay rate. So, hats off to Duotrope. <3  We also love the AWP for their AWESOME Support of everything we’ve done. <3