The new Ricky’s Back Yard #Veteran issue is out

Greetings Earthlings (and all from planet omicron iv). I am happy to announce that the e-book version of Veteran is out and available on Amazon. We made a slight deal so if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free.

The direct link is here:

I am sorry to say that I am fighting the ‘Powers that Be’ over at Amazon to get the Print version out too. This version is long overdue and I’ve about lost my patience with them. I might have to go back to Lulu for printing. This means a higher price and less money to Vets. As you can tell–I ain’t too happy about that. If you want to tell Amazon how unhappy you are about it, please feel free to let them know here:

On Twitter: @AmazonKDP
On Facebook:
Via Email:

But hey, who cares about Vets? Not like they get fucked over every turn right?

On a brighter note!
Between February 23 and March 2, this book will go on sale to 99c for the kindle version on

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