Blaze of Glory – Katherine Sinback

The imagery and message here play well together. Some people might be a tad pissed when they read the story–that’s good. If the story didn’t make you feel, well… -Doc Blaze of Glory You see Mr. Ponytail over there dripping gyro sauce and coy-dude grins all over that brunette?  That tattooed arm ready to launch … [Read more…]

Rocking it – Edward Michael Supranowicz

I love Van Halen. Sincerely one of the best first albums ever created was from that band. Rocking It reminds me of VH in a very very cool way. A nuclear bomb of color exploding on your screen live for your filthy little eyes.-Doc Edward Michael Supranowicz has a background in painting and printmaking. He … [Read more…]

Disc Galaxy of Funnel Universe – Denny Marshall

I always thought RBY would be a haven for graphic artists. I think Denny was the first person to really run with that concept. This Disc Galaxy reminds me of some of Lizzie’s work for our anthology covers…and that says a lot! -Doc Denny E. Marshall has had art, poetry, and fiction published. One recent … [Read more…]