Out of Mustard by Simon Sankoff #play #Pushcart

Our final entry for the Pushcart Prize is a real trip. I remember receiving the query letter from Simon. He didn’t know if the style would work for a story and was afraid of the rejection hammer that other ‘literary’ magazines were tossing around on his art.  We aren’t other lit mags (actually a dirty … [Read more…]

Beach Ball by Ryan Dunham #Binghamton #Pushcart

I met Ryan years ago at some dungeon of a school. We were both sent to the principal’s office for being naughty. Sorta. Okay, so it was grad school at ‘the best public uni in the east’ but it still felt like a damn dungeon.  He’s a huge deadhead and a great writer. I’m so … [Read more…]

The Death of the Dinosaurs by Kristin Harley #Creationist #Pushcart

You never know who will answer that Craigslist ad.  We got a lot of weirdos but Kristin was a gem.  Jenni liked her so much this was her sole pick for the Pushcart Prize 🙂 -J The Death of the Dinosaurs by Kristin Harley   “We’re taking the dinosaurs back!” proclaimed the bumper stickers, and … [Read more…]

The Seeds of the Empire by Mahmoud Sharif #Montreal #Pushcart

Mahmoud has appeared before in our magazine and I’m rather proud of his blossoming as a writer. I actually met him a few years ago in a food court. Strange things, them food courts… -J The Seeds of the Empire By Mahmoud Sharif   An approach to the mystery of life was narrated to scribes. … [Read more…]