America, America by Tochukwu Emmanuel Okafor #amwriting #Lagos

This one came for the Floidoip publication but it was already published elsewhere (Flash Fiction Online).  The editors and I liked it so much, we decided to take it on for the Weekly.  I’m very glad we did as this is a rather strong story with the type of international voice that we look for … [Read more…]

The #LBGTQ anthology Floidoip is… #TrevorProject

Okay, Amazon is now giving the thumbs up to our anthology.  The proofs turned out rather tasty, too. Buy it, read it, love it, review it.  Amazon works with reviews.  Goodreads works with reviews.  Review, star it, love it–don’t dream it, be it (or so a cover art once said).  Help us help teens and … [Read more…]

Splatter by Robbie Masso #punk

Robbie Masso gets the credit for this dump of Arty Goodness. Robbie Masso is a published poet ( ) and photographer, as well as musician and painter. His Facebook page is Art by Robbie Masso. When I’m looking at art, I saw a lot come my way that looked forced. This, though, reminds me of … [Read more…]