Exclusive – My breakfast with Trump

A Very Donald Trump breakfast: The man himself opens up about his wall, immigration, sex workers, and his foreign affairs policy I recently sat down to breakfast with Republican nominee Donald Trump. Sitting down is not quite the word for it; it was more like being smothered by him in the booth we occupied at … [Read more…]

Fucking #Cancer in the Peehole and an EXCLUSIVE Donald #Trump interview!

IN Which, Cancer becomes a real being–with a peehole–and three polocks fight to fist it into submission. As a special preview of Saint, we are releasing the ‘all profits go to the cancer charity’ story of ‘Fuck Cancer in the Peehole’. Let’s see if Issuu has, well, an issue with it. Also SPECIAL announcement–I just … [Read more…]

Holy Saint – You mean ALL profits go to Cancer Research?!

As anyone who follows my facebook feed knows, I hate cancer. I mean I really fucking hate Cancer. You know what I hate more than cancer? No, not a Packers Superbowl (pretty good guess, though!) but people who rather not lift a finger to help people with cancer. As the short story goes, ‘Grandma Ann … [Read more…]

Want to buy Torsion? Clique here

So many people asked me when the new issue was going on sale. I was like, “Going? Hell, it’s BEEN on sale.”  When these people included the artists and my own editorial staff, I thought “maybe” I might need to put a post out on this. December 2015 Issue:  Torsion Sample of Torsion – Ryan Dunham’s … [Read more…]