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Michael Owuor.  I like to work. I especially like work that is challenging, as long as I have the capacity to do it. I write to share my feelings about certain experiences and challenges in life; having come from a family with lots of difficulties where one had to think quickly to survive, I find that sharing helps us.

I was born to a mentally incapacitated father; he had got the problem shortly after he had started some progress with his work. He was violent to his family, and beat up everyone at home using whatever object came his way. My big sister and late mother were the most affected. Mother lost four of her upper teeth and suffered several chest problems. I remember some of the violent incidents when Mother ran carrying me away as stones were hurled at her… let me but stop here for now. I will tell you more in detail the next submission, if I am fortunate enough to be published twice for this magazine that you read.

Reading helps us heal. I like to read anything of whatever kind as long as at the end of the day I have a lesson to pick out from it, I believe every piece of writing has an idea it puts across.
Best regards,
Owuor Michael










Ryan Dunham. Ryan is currently an ABD doctoral candidate in the Media Arts and Studies program at Ohio University. He earned his B.A. and M.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing at Binghamton University. He is such a big Deadhead he names most of his short stories after Grateful Dead song titles.








Kristin Harley. Kristin Harley is a learning technologist for a large library system. She is also an independent librarian/archivist, indexer, and writer. She has acted in local, independent films and performed onstage and in festivals as a Raqs al-Sharqi performer (belly dancer).

WJ Rosser. WJ Rosser lives in Texas with his wife and four of their seven children. There are few in this world quite as effective at the art of irritation and the three sons who live on their own spend most of their time praying their mother can find superhuman amounts of patience because they know if she kicks him out, he’ll find a way to guilt one of them into taking him in.

Simon Sankoff. No note available.








Erik Harper Klass. Erik Harper Klass studied mechanical and manufacturing engineering at UCLA and music at Berklee College of Music. Now he writes. “Mytologi” would be his first published story. He lives in Los Angeles, CA.










Mahmoud Sharif.  Mahmoud Sharif was born in Somalia, he now lives in Montreal and works full-time in the Telecommunications Industry.
He is the author of several short stories. Writing is his passion, and his way to relay the unseen,untold and unheard.

From 2008 to 2010, Mahmoud was the head writer for an IT magazine at his workplace. Since 2013, he has joined different Montreal writing workshops, growing and learning in a spirit of community.
He has been published in the Sleepy House Press, and Ricky’s back yard. He writes about social rights, solitude, and the paranormal; giving a voice to the voiceless. He is inspired by authors Jorge Luis Borges, Haruki Murakami and Knut Hamsun.

You can follow him on twitter @marcusmontreal










Diana Murtaugh. Diana Murtaugh resides in Binghamton New York with her husband and three children. She currently teaches high school English and one day aspires to be a super hero or a zombie apocalypse survivor.










Alex Ayling. Alex Ayling writes, among other things. He is also currently directing a foul mouthed crude web series called “Mish Mash and Jacket”  and trying not to stumble about in despair. He currently resides in London, which is a world away from Canada, although if he gets his act together he might get around to getting his Canadian citizenship actually sorted out.


Authors for Cult:


Persephone White. A girl who likes cats.


Kristin Harley. Kristin Harley creates e-learning content for Hennepin County Library and supports its learning management system and Volunteer Services section. She is an independent consultant both as a librarian and as a certified archivist, is a freelance indexer, and has been published in scholarly journals. She has acted in local, independent films and performed onstage and in festivals as a Raqs al-Sharqi performer (belly dancer).


Stephen O’Connor. Stephen O’Connor is a writer from Lowell, Massachusetts, where much of his writing is set. He is the author of a collection of short stories, Smokestack Lightning, and two novels, The Spy in the City of Books, and The Witch at Rivermouth. “An Incident at Rehoboth” is his first venture into the realm of flash fiction.


John Weaver. John Weaver is a lecturer at Binghamton University. He is a great fan of Jack London, J.G. Ballard, and Richard Powers. His interests include science fiction, anime, Japanese literature, and writing on the religious right.


Shane Frazier. Shane of House Frazier originally hails from the tanned and tasty shores of Huntington Beach, CA, but currently resides in the Sixth Circle of Perdition (Las Vegas) where he is “doin’ time” for 1st-degree Stupidity (leavin’ Huntington Beach in the first place.). However, the heatstroke and scorched hide does stimulate (and cook) his creative juices for his night-writing, while he works all day in Project Management for a kick-ass custom tent maker (that’s right, I make tents…big ones). He also finds some time to teach Business Management at a local technical school. At home, his Boss, Melissa, minds their five children, three grandkids, and no pets.


Mahmoud Sharif. Mahmoud Sharif was born in Somalia, he lives in Montreal and works full-time in the telecommunications Industry. He mostly writes short stories and is inspired by everyday life. Writing is his passion, and his way to relay the unseen, untold and unheard. He started writing in 2008 as the head writer for an IT magazine until 2010. He then joined the Montreal Writers Group in 2013. Mahmoud is influenced by authors such as Knut Hamsun, Haruki Marukami, and Jorge Luis Borges. He evokes the themes of solitude, social rights, and the bizarre. His most recent short story, One Day Before Midnight, can be found at


Matt Sweder. Matt Sweder is a writer living in Los Angeles, wasting away in the warm California sun.

1 Jenean McBrearty by Pepper Jones

Jenean McBrearty. Jenean McBrearty is a retired Sociology/Political Science teacher who lives in Kentucky, takes on-line classes and pretends she’s a princess. Or, on a cloudy day, Norma Desmond when she and imaginary friends splurge on chocolate ice-cream. Her fiction, photographs, and poetry have been published over a hundred journals and anthologies. Her novel, The 9th Circle, was published by Barbarian Books. Her novel, Raphael Redcloak: Guardian of the Arts was selected by the Santa Clara County CA Library as a YA selection, her YA novel Retrolands is serialized on Jukepop.  Other books (Tales From the German Mind, Deathly Short Stories, Helmut Wolf, etc.) are available on

Gina Perales 2

Gina Perales. Gina Perales is a former newspaper journalist turned PR professional. This is her second published fiction piece in print. When not wracking her brain over character and plot development, Gina enjoys hiking, reading and philosophy. This mother of three lives in the bustling Big D, Texas, but would rather be writing on a beach, any beach. You can see more of Gina’s work at


Joseph Bishop. Began writing at about 14 years of age (1965) when he wrote his first Ballad, lyrics and music. In 2011 he took that big step and began working on his first novel. In 2013 Joseph completed “AND BLOOD TOUCHES BLOOD: Signs & Symbols” the first of a series. This fictional crime novel was published on in 2014. Currently Joseph is working on a sequel to his first novel.