Publishing Agreement

To view and download the Anthology/Web version publishing agreement for Ricky’s Back Yard, click here. Please note: Payments are made via PayPal ONLY. We can no longer make other payments (seriously, a $10 fee to send $10 was a bit much…). If you do not have PayPal and cannot create an account, we can give you an electronic version of the issue for payment; however, that’s the best we can do for non-PayPal people). The alternative is us putting in a cheque for $10 CAD and flying it out via regular mail. Also note that by submitting to Ricky’s Back Yard, you automatically agree to the terms of the contract.

Updated note for the website version of Ricky’s Back Yard. For accepted submissions for the Weekly Art/Story area, you are paid $2 CAD via PayPal (or in person if we are in the same area). If your story/art is voted as ‘the best of…’ for any given Themed reading period, you will also get in the print version of the anthology and paid $10 CAD. For the Website version, we do take previously printed art if you have control/permissions over it.