The #LBGTQ anthology Floidoip is… #TrevorProject

Okay, Amazon is now giving the thumbs up to our anthology.  The proofs turned out rather tasty, too.

Buy it, read it, love it, review it.  Amazon works with reviews.  Goodreads works with reviews.  Review, star it, love it–don’t dream it, be it (or so a cover art once said).  Help us help teens and support artists.  We are one of the very few (trust me, go to the AWP next time and prove me wrong) paying anthology/magazine/zines/whatevers out there and it is a real privilege to see these global voices grow.  We love all of our artists and storytellers and I am damn sure you will too!

Did I mention all the money goes to a good cause?  The Trevor Project is our LBGTQ charity of choice for this book and, well, Grandma Ann didn’t raise no punk ass bitches and, hopefully, none of your grandmothers did either.  Give give give.  Buy the book–or not–but give give give.   Be that voice that you wish you had growing up; be that voice that some kid really really fucking needs right now to keep themselves on this rather Brutal Planet. Give. Give. Give.

The hard copy will set you back about $9 USD and the Kindle version is a tad different story.  If you have Kindle Unlimited, you will have access to the Kindle version for $4.95 USD.  Also, you can buy it via this linkie poo for KINDLE.  Hey, did I mention that if you buy the Print version you get the Kindle on for Free?  Yup. Oh and you can lend both equally well (print and kindle…like we’d find out if you loaned your printed copy out, eh?).

I’ll be making an update to the pages soon, but all in all—the Floidoip has landed.  Remember kiddies, all monies go directly to The Trevor Project.  That’s right. You get to read a few great short stories, look at some killer art, and make life better for a kid who is fighting that dark path of suicide. To all me artists who donated their money directly to the cause, I thank you.  To all the readers buying this because you believe in the cause, I thank you.

One print issue down…one more to go (the $1000 contest) and then…

Floidoip! A funny little word made famous by LGBTQ author, Jim Hyde. This anthology by Ricky’s Back Yard brings a collection of art, short story, and poem into one powerful place. We are punk. We are Raw. We are donating all monies to the Trevor Project in a fight against LGBTQ suicide.

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