A RazorCandi book?! #punk #razorcandi

Very rarely do I push anything but Ricky’s Back Yard here (and hell, you guys/gals know I rarely do that!), so you know I believe in something if it appears on these pages. RazorCandi is an amazing artistic talent that I had the extreme pleasure of reviewing over the years. She is wicked, sinful, smart, hardworking, and a Bowie fan (it’s like all my jobs are merging into one now…).

If you like goth–if you like punk–if you like art at all (and if you don’t like art, then why the hell are you here?) you need to check out RazorCandi’s new book. I have seen just a few hints and glimpses of it and, man, it is going to be fanfuckingtastick.

If you want a pre-order, then check out the linkie-poo here. If you wonder what her site is about, I bet you can find some bloke writing his skinny little arse off about it somewhere–maybe even somewhere like here and here.

Of course, if you STILL need convincing (oh man, you lot!) what else can I do but show you this?

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