Not a Lick of Talent – Leila Teitelman #LBGTQ

We do love art here at RBY. I really love this piece. When I opened the submission from Leila, I saw something rather damn cool unfold in front of my filthy little eyes. I love the sketch of it and the varied level of symbolism. There’s a lot of goodness to unpack in a small space.

Oh, and did I mention Lelia rather graciously donated her earnings to The Trevor Project? Yeah, she kicks some major ass and we love artists who kick major ass 🙂 Go follow her on Instagram @nastyartt for other cool art works.

‘Not a Lick of Talent – Leila Teitelman

Leila Teitelman is a graduate of Connecticut College where she studied vocal performance and playwriting. In recent years she has held positions with New Dramatists, Manhattan Theater Club and The Eugene O’Neill Theater center, where she facilitates their summer education program. As a performer, she has worked with David Dorfman Dance, The Q Brothers, The College Light Opera Company, and The Hearth Theater Co. She hopes to continue seeking links between theater and women’s health/human rights. Follow @nastyartt on Instagram for her new page featuring original artwork in an attempt to normalize female bodies.

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