Host change and scheduled outage

Just a quick announcement that we are moving. After years of being with the same host and struggling with uptime and CS response, we’re taking the plunge. This means that the website might be a bit ‘spotty’ for a day or two as the migration hits.  For those who are submitting, this will not affect … [Read more…]

RBY gives away Floidoip (LGBTQ) Anthology to all #AltPornAwards fans and VIPS alike!

Hello all you @AltPornNet Awards people! Our #AltPornAwards gift to you? The Floipoip (LGBTQ) Anthology ezine where all the monies went to @TrevorProject For being great sinners and sinnettes alike, go ahead and have an award-nominated ‘zine on us: Enter Coupon code: altpornwha? to get you that book for free. (If you have issues … [Read more…]

AltPorn Awards – Nominee for Best Alt Magazine #altpornawards

What a long strange ride this has been. Punk. Everything about RBY is Punk. The energy, the budget, the making use of every damn thing around us and not backing down from motherfuckingnobody (anyone remember when we lent our webhosting area to news organizations that were being sued by the now President of the United … [Read more…]

Cactus Art by Sravani singampalli #India #art #cartoon

We love art at RBY.  When we saw this, it made one of us miss home. I love the lining here and the isolation. It reminds me of all those years in the middle of the desert. Never thought I’d miss those days but… Cactus Art by Sravani singampalli Sravani singampalli is a published writer … [Read more…]

Architects by Tim DeMarco #amwriting #fiction #JerseyShore

Usually, I have to trick Jenni into reading her submissions pile. Sometimes, I would disguise a few as an email (short by my standards, as any email under 20 pages isn’t worth sending!) or an invoice, but for Architects, Jenni grabbed that one out of my hands. Something drew her to it and she slapped … [Read more…]

How Novel

As we have previously hinted at, #Resist was our last anthology. We’ve had a great run and gave a lot of money to charities well deserved.  However, we are turning our attention to something a bit ‘bigger’.  Ricky’s Back Yard is proud to announce that we are currently accepting full-length novel manuscripts! Got a novel? … [Read more…]

Jerry Fed the Tigers by Brooke Reynolds #amwriting #horror

Instead of a big send up, I will share with you what Jo wrote Brooke in her acceptance letter: ‘Jo here, it reminded me of a story from an old anthology we used to get in the school library. It was great to see this style enter into RBY!’.  Anything that can bring back memories … [Read more…]