Hammer to the Head – Nick Dunkenstein

Ah, art. I’m not sure if Nick and I ever crossed paths, but she does have my spirit down on canvas. The looks are haunting and yet familiar… -Doc In a small beach side hovel, out crawled wonder and mystique. With armaments of paintbrushes, canvas, and color Nick Dunkenstein blossomed into being in one low bass thrum of post-apocalyptic surf punk. An … [Read more…]

Whoopitdo – Edward Michael Supranowicz

Edward very graciously donated this piece to us for display. What can I say, I love people who like us :). I think Edward really captures what RBY is all about with his work and we look forward to more of it! -Doc Edward Michael Supranowicz has a grad background in painting and printmaking, He … [Read more…]

Patched – J. Ray Paradiso

This one came into our lap and blew our new editor away. Gotta love that instant connection.  Plus, hey, gotta love someone who passes the reward for such great work onward… ~Doc A confessed outsider, Chicago’s J. Ray Paradiso is a recovering academic in the process of refreshing himself as an experiMENTAL writer and street photographer. His … [Read more…]

Appendages Sticky – Denny Marshall

With greens and vibrant blues, this suctioncup fiend comes to life from the mind of Denny Marshall.

Appendages Sticky by Denny Marshall. Half scales. Half suction. All funk. I dig the pink marshmallow trees and the eyes here. The eyes are expressive yet hidden in plain sight. ~Doc Denny E. Marshall has had art, poetry, and fiction published. One recent credit for interior art is Dreams & Nightmares #111 Jan. 2018. See … [Read more…]