Meet the Editors

Dr. Jo Szewczyk

Editor in Chief aka El Jefe

twatterHere we go again. I’m a dude with a PhD, a David Lee Roth t-shirt, pink sunglasses, a multi-sparkled fuzzy hat (left it in Camden) and the idea to start a magazine. I am a writer and a published author. I know what it is like to submit to places; I know what it feels to be rejected and the awesomeness of acceptance. I also know what it is like to run a publishing house that had a lot bigger budget than ours.

Why create a small press when there were so many out there? I love artistic expression. I loathe censorship. I think everyone should have a voice no matter what their twitter count looks like. I love reading, but I am selfish. I love reading certain things–hard to find things–that are not mass produced puke or lit. reading so fluffy that nobody really wants to read it but somehow it is the ‘book of the month’ for the local book club. I don’t care if you write a story during your lunch break or even between flushes at your ‘day job’. What I care about is if you can connect.

Can you connect with the reader? Can you at least read the very short submission guidelines? If you can answer ‘yes’ to both of those questions then, by all means, hit me. I will read both verbal and graphic text submissions.

Dr. Jenni Hill

Senior Editor

JenniBy day a mild mannered molecular biologist, by night….well, you can’t expect to spend your time enthused and infused with DNA and proteins and not expect some sort of consequence …

When I’m not paying homage to Mary Shelley I like to visit places where I can get lost, be it the middle of an African desert, the depth of an Amazon rain forest or even somewhere in the centre of a city – yeah, I still can’t figure out how to use GPS. But most of all I love to disappear into a really good book. I’ll read anything that’s put in front of me from the back of a shampoo bottle (I warned you I was a science geek) to dry translations of Russian classics and although I’ve recently been seduced by the world of graphic novels I still enjoy the occasional book with no pictures in it whatsoever.

What do I look for in a story – well, just that, a story. Describe the landscape, set the scenery, cast the characters so that I care what happens to them if you must, but most of all make me want to turn that page and find out what happens next.

Ms. Elizabeth Nicodemus

Senior Editor for Graphic Text Submissions

I’m an artist from Seattle and senior editor for graphic submissions at the mag. How you know that? I love flannel and consider a leather jacket to be a great addition to any outfit (including a formal dress and 5″ heels… as pictured to the left).

When I’m not here, I’m running my own blog and taking life day by day, all whilst desperately trying to cut caffeine out of my life. (“What!!? But you live in coffee city!”) Key word there: “trying”. I didn’t say I was succeeding. But in my spare time, I do odd graphic design and illustration jobs here and there for friends and family.

So, you’ve got some art? I love a piece of work that makes me think; something I can stare at for a good while and still wonder what the hell it is. This means it might raise some questions… good or bad (both are good). If you’ve got something that’s honest, out of the box, a touch raw, and all yours, then feel free to send it my way.