What the fuck IS this?

What is Ricky’s Back Yard? We are the defenders of the faith. No, wait, that’s Rob Halford and Judas Priest. We are the punk style publisher based out of Montreal. We are the guys you go to when you want to read something not main stream–something that will haunt you.  We are the place that showcases artists from all walks of life (I mean who else would publish an 8-year-old alongside a PhD in physics?). We are the book you shove under your bed, not because it’s porno but because it’ll give the monsters something to read.

Is this publisher for you?  That’s a great question. In order to come up with the perfect answer for you, I created this very short survey:

Do you like highbrow lit?

Do you like “Oprah/Amazon/DrPhil” book club stuff?

Do you think being gay/straight/a woman/transgender/male/religious/atheist/black/white/chicano is bad?

Did you, maybe, join a book club that isn’t @NormsBookClub?

If you answered YES to ANY of those questions, then boy do we have the place for you!  It’s called ‘not the fuck here land.’

We are raw. We are punk.  We are anger personified. (And we also like kittens, so you figure that shit out.)

We are the publisher YOU turn to when YOU are fed up with the dry purple prose of politically correct land.

We are the publisher YOU write for when YOU decide to take a risk and write something that has some meaning beyond the electrons and ink on the page.

We are Ricky’s Back Yard.